He is alive!!

Have you heard the good news today??
Just in case you haven’t…..Jesus is alive, He rose from the dead on the third day. Death couldn’t hold Him, He overcame it. It is a miracle. Today is the day we remember that Jesus was resurrected the day that we can live through Him. He promises us that He would never leave us or forsake us.

Just like Mary ran back to the village as she had an encounter with the angel by the tomb where Jesus was placed. He was no longer there, so ran back and went to tell the disciples…He is gone, He is alive, some ran back with her to see for themselves.

What an amazing day that must have been. In my heart I sensed many things last night and I cried out to the Lord saying “I want to follow You Jesus, I want to see the power of Your resurrection in my life tomorrow when I wake up”. This was the prayer of my heart last night and today I sense an amazing excitement as if I were mary who just walked away from the tomb, empty, meeting up with the gardener who happens to be Jesus!!

I feel there is an excitement and that is what I want to live, what I want to share. HE IS ALIVE!!!


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