Snapshots of our daily photo album

My friend Sarah Dawn wrote on her blog how she is livin life and putting up snapshots of the photo album of her life. Well Sarah this is for you, I took your advice and I decided today would be a great day for those snapshots of life.

This is my lying in the yard with my 3rd little one. Her name is Tessa and she is 8 months old. The sun was out, the day was just beautiful and the photos are a snapshot of the beauty of life. She is a true blessing to our family and my two oldest kids truly enjoy her and she just belongs in our family.

So thanks Sarah for encouraging us to splash during the day and take a moment for those snapshots...I enjoyed them and the shots came out amazing!!

The one below is from our 5 year old son who really wanted to plant something, so we went into the yard and found all we needed and planted the seed of an apple. I am not sure if it will actually come up, but for Luca it was a perfect moment with mommy, planting apple seeds.

About 1 hour later he was asking me why the tree hadn't come up yet and when it was finally going to show...well...just like the things we learn in life, it might take a while before we see the fruit of our labor!!!

So patience is required here my dear Luca, but sooner or later you will see something come forth!!

Had so much fun I even played monopoly today with him, then a game of Uno-attack, then we did a monster-truck computer game, destroying everything we encountered, which seemed to really really get his attention.

Then when my 7 year old daughter, Gioela came home from school, we actually read her reading-homework and she decided to go on reading because mommy was listening so well that she read about 10 pages and past her homework for this week and she felt so proud and excited about it.

Then this evening in bed we read a great book with pictures about the history of Beijing...yes China...she was truly fascinated when I told her that there was a forbidden city!!

All in all I have to thank you Sarah Dawn for encouraging others and I had an amazing day with my kids and God just showed me how wonderful this can be and I am totally rested as I sit here writing about it...

He is so faithful and I am so grateful!! How was your day, let me all about it when you read it, leave a comment if you like!!!

Love, a mommy of 3
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  1. AWESOME! you rock momma :) looks like a fun day. The sunshine has been so awesome. So happy to hear about Gioela's reading, yaaay!!! I know that feels so good as a mommy. love you!


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