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Can you remember the last nigth you slept a good night and really rested!! I truly didn't remember and was just asking the Lord to help my little 7 month old baby Tessa to sleep through the night. After trying every single thing possible I finally decided at 10:30pm after I heard her wake up a little to completely wake her up, change her diaper and feed her some more....altough she had had enough to eat that day, but I just wanted to try......WELL GUESS WHAT??? She slept until 5:30AM......YES....I got to sleep 6 1/2 hours straight. Wow, I feel so good, the last weeks have been maybe 5 hours of sleep, broken up in 3 and 2 hours segments...not enough and my boby was starting to feel it....!! Wow, sleeping 6 1/2 hours has never felt so good. You should try it some time!!! Thanks for those who prayed...I guess she was hungry all this time, silly me and this being a third time mommy...I guess we all forget what things are like when your oldest two are 7 and 5 :)!!!
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  1. Yeah! I can't believe how BIG she's gotten. It looks like your kids are having fun in the snow.


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