A bowl of water

In prayer one day the Lord showed me this picture of Himself standing in front of me with a bowl of water and I heard Him say: "Drink of the water I give you and you will never thirst again. Just seek me and I will give you Living water. Take the water, all that comes with it, My Spirit and it will not be about what you DO, but it will be about what I say and give to you".

Then these words flowed out of my heart as I kneeled before Him!!

" Kneeling down I ask of You that You pass by me
that You give to me that which I need most
Kneeling down I lay it down, my own thoughts and expectations
my desires and wishes, I surrender them to you and I say:
Give me living water, give me the freshness of the spring that You take from.
May I drink and never go thirsty again, but if I do get thirsty again
I will run to You, I will know where to run,
to the One walking around with the bowl of water.

I will be poured out and You will be given
All of You will be handed in and shared with those who will hear
and those who will kneel in humbleness before you
in reverence.
You gladly give and I my Lord, gladly receive"


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