The throneroom

I was reading Vonnette Bright's book "The woman within" and felt compelled to share it with you. As a mom, wife and friend I found myself meditating on what she was writing about the Holy Spirit. Do we truly let Him guide us in everything, who is seated on the throne of our hearts?? Are we there with our selfishness, our attitudes, our behaviour with our own self?? Or is the Holy One guiding us through the moments of frustration with ourselves, our spouses, our friends and yes our kids also.

I had to ask the Lord to once again forgive me for so many times taking over and it is actually "I" that sit on the throne of my own heart and thoughts, not Jesus, not His Spirit. Do I pause before I react, not enough for sure!!!

Holy Spirit I need you so much more than I have realized. I need YOU every day. I need you in the moments when my attitude doesn't show an example to my kids. Cleanse me, sanctify me in your presence, in your throneroom. May I come before you today and get cleansed so that I may represent you to those around me and especially to my children.

It is a sin not to ask the Holy Spirit to guide you if you say you belong to Jesus and want Him to lead your life. I recognize my shortcomings, I want renewal I want this gone out of my life. Holy Spirit guide me into ALL the truth every day, every moment!!

The throneroom of my heart needs to be filled with your presence and YOU alone, come in and take over!!


  1. Amen! Come and reign in our lives, forever seated on the throne.

    Sarah Dawn


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