Boys will be boys

This last monday was the day of his son, Luca. He will be 5 years old this 30th of December. He is the most energetic kid I know...well he takes after his daddy, who also goes and goes and doesn't stop until his head hits the pillow.

Monday was the day that between all the going and running he took a few hits. The first he asks me for in the morning is if he can play outside. After finally eating breakfast, getting dressed and brushing his teeth he goes outside with his older sister. About 30 minutes later, Gioela comes running back inside telling me that Luca fell out of the tree. I fell out of a tree once (climbing with wooden shoes) my teeth folded back into the roof of my mouth and my dad had to pull them back into place. So you can imagine where my mind went after hearing that Luca fell out of the tree.

I ran over and saw that he was standing up, climbed over the little wall and seemed to be ok...although he was limping a little bit and hurt is back, but he was still standing!!

Then about 2 hours later as we were over visiting with grandpa and grandma they brought over the skateboard, ofcourse with all the padding for arms, legs and head...

And by now Luca is doing some really good balancing on this scary thing. Well he decides to show "oma" and sliding through the garage when he pushes it forward, but his body doesn't go and he lands on his side on the garage floor (cement). He looks at me and "oma" makes sure to let him know that is what would happen. He walks over to me with his hand on his side as if to say "I am really in pain here, but I won't cry". He kind of makes some funny noises and I know he is hurting, but he doesn't show it and just goes right back at it.

Once back home all the kids are playing outside (again) and minutes later "kai" comes over to my house and tells me that Luca is stuck in the tree and he can't get out.

I couldn't believe my ears...or could I? So I ran over to the (other) tree and by then Luca is hiding behind the tree. Another neigbor teenage boy had rescued him out of the tree as he was quite high up.

I walked over and realized that he felt really embarrassed that somebody had to rescue him. So I took him in my arms and he embraced me and didn't let go as he quietly let go of some tears. Then as I said "let's go home Luca" he gets down and says "no I want to stay here and play some more".

You can imagine by the end of the day this little boy was so wiped and bruised that he went to sleep without any problems. He is still as cute as ever, but oh my little boy will always be a boy. I can only pray that as he gets older he understands the danger he sometimes puts himself in and that mommy just prays that nothing bad will ever really happen. I have to let go and I have to learn now, because it will only be harder later!!!


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