My hearts desire for today!!

If only I could better express what is in my heart and time stood still to be able to ponder it long enough. I feel today that time is running by and I can't catch up.

I feel my heart is racing to give love, to show appreciation and not be able to have enough to give away.

I feel I need more of Jesus to be able to give and still lacking the time to soak Him all in.

My hearts desire is for Jesus, receiving from Him, hearing from Him and soaking in His presence all day.

I have to learn how to do this while going about my "normal" daily tasks, which seems so time consuming and some of these things unimportant.

And still, the majority of those daily things can so glorify God. I don't live for me, I love for Him, I live to give love to those who need it.

Lord, my hearts desire today is that You be my all, my everything, my friend and the One who sustain my soul and my life, just for today!!


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