My family

We call ourselves "the Coghis"

August 26th, time just flew by. My parents came to visit from the Netherlands so the last two weeks were full of so much love, joy, being spoiled and a small vacation!! To much to write about, but as I was thinking on how to update my blog the Lord brought this mind "my family".

So I am going to share with you a little bit about every person you see in this very new first photo of our little family of 5!!

Giacomo - the man of the house, amazing daddy, loving husband, incredible pioneer and visionary, sees something new in every situation even when it looks like disaster :), I love him for that. Hard worker, strong in character and patient as ever, very slow to anger (what a biblical virtue) and I am just so grateful God sent this young (34) man my way back in 1996 when we met!! We have been walking this life together now for 11 years this September.

Me - who likes to talk about themselves (?), well I don't either, but if I am going to share something about our little family I have to include me. I am grateful the way God has strengthened me to carry the daily things. I love what we do, who we are and what God is making us to be. I am learning how to be a better parent and wife every day, I love watching my kids grow and learn, I love spending time with all the different people God sends our way on our YWAM base. When I look at myself I am thankful for what God has done over the last 13 years since I stepped into YWAM. My little international family blesses my heart every day and gives me the greatest challenge at the same time...but it helps me to see Gods heart in every little thing

Gioela - my little princess who will be 7 this October. I remember waiting for her for almost 4 years. It was well worth the wait. Her precious smile, blond hair and spicy personality bless me. She is creative little lady and very very social. She loves sharing her mind with everybody she sees, can speak a thousand words with her face and has shown herself as an amazing little helper with the baby. She even changes her diapers and does a great job. She loves Jesus and loves to sing, especially making up her own songs. She would love to spend the whole day playing with her friends and socializing with every person on the ywam base. She is our little princess, slowing becoming a young lady!!

Luca - oh my boy!!! He is a ball of energy, but I know it is not ADHD...he just loves to express the wonderful personality God has given him. Spunky, vibrant, detailed, very loving and gentle with his new baby sister, expresses his heart very easily to me and he tells me often that he loves me, which of course makes my heart melt, especially when I am having a hard day. His little curls make me smile and as I watch him grow I pray he will grow up to be a man after God's own heart just like his daddy!!

Tessa - at 6 weeks old you are just as precious as ever. You look like your sister and brother and still I see the uniqueness that God created. Your own little self...precious and daddy especially is happy about you having blue eyes!! We love having you in our family, you make us complete!


  1. Too precious my friend. But I'm blessed to know your family in person.

    Hugs to you,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. Hello, sister in Christ! I went to Costa Rica last year, and met the most beautiful people! They're so full of love and compassion, I will never forget them, and I plan on going back as soon as possible.


    Join me for some laughs, some Jesus, and a fun game!


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