Jesus has a mommy heart....

As I finished nursing our new little one I kept on looking at the beauty God has once again created. How can someone not be full of love and adoration of who God is when you look upon such a small human being, so fragil, so real, so fine, so perfect. Of cours all mothers say that there children are the most beautiful in the world...and let me tell you they are all RIGHT!!!!

All our new little ones are precious in His sight, but in our sight also, which means we are learning to see through His eyes. We are understanding what it means to see something that is precious, to love it, to want to cherish it, to protect it. This is what makes you do crazy things as a mom just to be able to protect your children from harm!!! And let me tell you don't we do crazy things sometimes???

But nevertheless God forgives us for making mistakes in parenting, but teaches us how to show that love and protection in the appropriate way. Our hearts sometimes just bubble over with that care that we don't really know how to respond the right way or should I say that there is so much love and care that it is the right way to respond (anger maybe), but it seems to shock the other person (or our children). Ok, there is a right way to speak, but I was just thinking of Jesus.....

Out of love for His temple He was angry, He was offended, He threw the people out...He was jaleous of the place that was supposed to be a house of prayer, a place to meet with God, a place to be in intimacy with Him. How can it now be a place of yelling and screaming in greed which is a market place.

Sometimes our homes can become just that, a market place, where we tend to raise our voices to make our point known, to sell our point kind of...sometimes when our kids are in a riot and we are hurt by them fighting. Our mommy heart just jumps (I feel like Jesus in moments that like) and I become angry and hurt and although I don't turn tables upside down (hahaha, :))...I do feel a jaleousy for my home and think, this is not the way I want it. We are supposed to have an intimate time here, where little brothers and sisters dwell together in unity, in harmony, in love.

Well there is much to learn isn't there about showing love the "right" way, but you know every day I rely on Jesus as my leader, my example, even in parenting...He has got the right answer.

Ponder on Him today, ask Him about that feeling of not knowing what to do where there doesn't seem to be peace. Or when you look at your children (big or small) and you see the precious little ones that He has created, ask Him to give you a bigger amount of love for them then you already have. Wow, it is overwhelming what one can feel and how it leads you to do things "right".

I am learning every day and I am enjoying every day. Our new little one is almost 3 weeks old...time all of a sudden just flies and I am enjoying seeing my other two kids just loving on her like crazy. My Luca just wants to hug and kiss her and calls her "she is so beautiful". My Gioela just wants to hold her all day long, walk around with her and be like a little mommy to precious these moments, nobody takes those away from my mommy heart ever!!!

Jesus has a mommy heart, let's learn from Him today!!


  1. He does have a mommy heart and I'm so glad He shared it with us.

    Love you sweet one,
    Sarah Dawn


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