Tears of relief

No, this photo does NOT mean our little girl is here, we are still awaiting her arrival with excitement. The photo more so represents what I want to share with you from my heart.

Have you ever cried? Well ofcourse you would say, that is not even a real question. But have you ever cried just because you knew that it was going to make you feel relieved and you just had to get it out and you also didn't try anything to stop the tears from coming. Sometimes we cry, because there is a reason to cry, like a sad movie, or because somebody we love is ill, maybe even passing away, or anything else that you can think of.

But have you ever had a moment where you just sit in your chair, think about the things that are truly going through your mind and you just decide to let it all go and let the tears just flow down your cheeks. I mean a choice where you just don't care what anybody else thinks and because you knew that those tears were going to bring you great relief. Maybe this is only true for women, I don't know, I know I speak for myself for sure and that my tears in moments like that have brought me a great relief of my own thoughts, worries and concerns.

That is what happened to me one of these days in the morning when I was sitting on my bed and I knew that the tears had to come to be able to feel relief. Sometimes you can feel a battle inside yourself going on saying "Shall I let it go? What will my husband think or what will my kids think, or in my case are these just over emotional tears because of the last days of pregnancy?" Maybe they think I am sick or perphaps going into labor, well neither one really. The tears just need to come and I am going to let them fall down at the feet of Him who understands my tears.

In a moment like that I hold on to my Heavenly Father and let the tears roll down and I say "Father, I can't do it by myself, sometimes I just don't have the answers, I just want to crawl onto Your lap, as a daugther, just to sit and listen to what You have to say about me, that which You wish to wisper into my ear!! That is all I need right now, His love, His shoulder to cry on without having to explain why the tears are rolling".

That is how simple it is with God, you don't have to explain yourself, some of those things you yourself don't even really understand. Just to come and let the tears run and knowing you don't have to do anything or be anybody is the answer to that moment. You come as you, His daughter!!

Isn't that wonderful and after about 10 minutes I get up to face the rest of the day and I know that just had "my moment" with "my Father", nothing over magical and still "very special".

Try it, tears of relief without having to explain why you have them even when they come quickly and you can't seem to stop them. Don't worry it will all be ok!!!


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