Step by Step, He carries me

I love these words as they are an encouragement to my heart and soul on this day. He summoned me by name I am His. There are days when I need to be reminded of the promises of God and as I look at this photo I knew that God was reminding me that I am not walking those "river walks" and those "flamy moments", He is carrying me through them all.

As I am patiently awaiting the arrival of our third baby I am reminded that He has summoned me and my family by name, we are His. I picked up a photo album that was sitting on my bookshelf and opened it up. It was the birth of my son, who is now 4 years old. As I looked at this small, fragile, innocent little baby tears started rolling down my face. What a beautiful thing and to know that God looks at him and has summoned him by name, because He loves him, He loves me, He loves my family.

God you are so good, You are with us and now we are receiving another little one into our family and I wonder sometimes if I have enough love to give. I feel so priviledged and honored to receive a new child as I feel how You look at us and are overwhelmed with love for us it amazes me once again.
May the new life that You are about to bring into our family be a testimony of Your love to all of us. How we as your little children, fragile sometimes are summoned by name and we are Yours.

May the birth of a new little one be a reminder to those around us that when we were born again in You, You surrounded us with Your love and embrace, we are Yours forever!!
Step by Step, I ask your embrace!!


  1. The love you have to share with little one, amazes me, because it comes straight from our Abba's throne.

    Thanks for sharing His love with me too,
    Sarah Dawn


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