Daddy's new little girl
Proud grandparents Opa & Oma Coghi

Very proud big sister

Very proud big brother

Hours after her arrival into this world


  1. Oh I love the pictures (and your new picture of you, YAY, we took that one). But I still say you were way to cute after giving birth.

    Love you dear friend,
    Sarah Dawn

    PS So glad you started blogging!

  2. Hey, this is cool I never did this.
    What a nice news letter is this.
    Thank you so much with sharing these precious moments with us.
    As you shared and I look at the pictures of LUCA I get a real sense of destiny and purpose for this little one.
    In my minds eyes I see a warrior, a mover and shaker,determent.
    Go in the way of the LORD Luca go..go.

  3. If you call the Coghis Opa & Oma
    What do you call your parents Marjolein?


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