Their eyes ask, their heart seeks...

As I look at this picture of my two kids, ages 6 and 4 there are a few things that come to mind. Look into their eyes for a moment, what do you see? What I saw was a question like the on I wrote next to the photo...

"Would you please teach me the way to go, because I am desperate for solid answers, answers that give me firm ground underneath my feet, answers that will help me walk through life, to be sure of what I know!!! All of a sudden I realize the depth of responsibility that washes over me as I look into these beautiful, yet such mysterious eyes. They don't question right now whether something is right or wrong (well sometimes they do, but not really), they just see it being done through us as parents and then believe that to be the truth.

Again I find myself overwhelmed at the thought of seeing them do things that they saw me do and that is truth to them. What am I doing?

* May the fear of the Lord come on my life as I take these precious lives into my hands and teach them the way to go...

* May the fear of the Lord come on my life as I present them with the way to walk, the way to respond, the way to behave

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. Do I need this today.....Lord more than anything in the world. These precious ones have been entrusted into our care and You are trusting me to be the mother that You want me to be. Show me what it means to walk in this fear so that when I show them the way, it will always be YOUR way.

Look again into those eyes....I see innocence, I see joy, I see the assurance of their child like faith that says: "Mommy, daddy, whatever you say must be the truth, so I trust you".

May I be found worthy of their trust and find myself always surrendering to Jesus from whom all wisdom flows so that these little ones may understand Him and understand the truth that sets them free. May they know Him, not me, but through me learn the way they should go!!

If you are a parent I ask you, with me, to look into the eyes of your children and ask the Lord: "Lord, what are these eyes asking for today, what does their heart seek"?

Walking together daily...


  1. I love your blog site, Mar!!! I love reading your thoughts and your prayers! :) So sweet - and challenging. It's challenging being a parent, and I need to remember that they're just asking for us to show them the way. That's such a good reminder. Yeah, I'm a little convicted right now! I need to do better and I need more patience - which shows me that I really need to rely on God more and not my own strength.

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