The Hope of Glory..

As I was expressing my heart to the Lord and once again laying things down at His feet on this Father's day the following words came out of my heart as a cry to finish this day in order to start the next tomorrow:

"May You in me be the hope of glory"

"May You in me deliver me from my worries & concerns"

"May You in me life me above all things I cannot change"

"May You in me give me a new perspective on everyday thing"

"May You in me be everything I need to go through the day"

"May You in me be the answer to my toughest question"

"May You in me give me what I need today so that I can rest about what comes tomorrow, which only You know"



  1. I love it! I love it! You're writing again and from the looks of it, people around the world are reading. YAY!

    Hugs to you my friend,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. Thank you for your thoughts - I was really touched ... and especially that you present them for us all as friends, close and far.
    My prayer is as well, that Jesus may remain in all circumstances the rock, fortress and refuge as well as the peace of my life.


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