His wisdom...a straight path

There she is, my little girl...she will be 7 in October, although it seems like yesterday she was born and now another little princess is on the way. I realize the last few days I am sharing a lot about my kids, which I guess has to do with the fact that we are about to have another one and so my thoughts are filled with my feeling of inadequacy as a parent.

We went fishing, my little girl loves to do things that are challenging, but gets upset when they don't work the first time..mmm..sounds like me when I was young!! Have you ever had that when you either look at your own kids or a circumstance and it reminds you of when you were little and sometimes those moments can actually be a little confronting!!

I have much to learn and I have much learn about how to get wisdom and pass it on to my children. I love the first few chapters of Proverbs where it talks about wisdom, how to get it, how to keep it and how to see God make paths straight or direct your steps.

Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight"

What a tremendous promise "He will direct our steps, make the path straigth"....well Lord I need to trust You more and I need your wisdom. When I get confronted with my own errors, my own failures help me to teach my children how to do it better.

This is my son, Luca, he is 4 and a half...he loved the fishing trip and had no fear in holding those fish with his hands. I need wisdom with him also. When I see him running around all day with his energy that seems to have no end, his need to just let it all out, but when we get to the end of the day and I lay him down to sleep all he wants to hear is a bible story, a prayer and my good old Dutch good night song.
As I finish up the last few lines of the song he closes his eyes and puts his lips out as if to say "mommy give me a kiss" and I say goodnight Luca, I love you!! Within minutes he is asleep, all that energy just comes to rest and he lays himself down in the most peaceful way I have ever seen a 4 year old sleep.
My heart just melts when I see that, it makes me sit down next to him for a while just to look at him sleep and say "God despite of my mistakes, my short comings, my failures, You go a way with my kids. You have Your eyes set on them and even when I don't know anymore, I know that You know. My kids are Yours, not mine. They are given to us, entrusted to us for a little while, but one day I will have to let them go and trust that You will continue your way with them.
"May I receive from You today what I need to go through tomorrow. Give me the strength to discipline Your way. Help me to train them up in the way they should go, so that later they will not depart from it. Forgive me where I haven't been right, where my decisions didn't reflect Your ways. These little ones are given to us by You and I treasure them and love them with all I have, but they are all Yours also. Today I want to trust You and not my own understanding and I acknowledge You, so that my path and theirs may be straight"


  1. Love the new look! Your precious little ones bless my heart more than you know.

    Love you dear one,
    Sarah Dawn


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