Daily rainfall

The rain is falling out of the sky as if it has an urgency to water the earth. It seems like one moment there is no sign of rain and the next the sound of drops are crashing on my roof and make me wonder whether it will stay dry inside. Do you ever know those moments where you feel God is far away, there seems to be no sign of Him and all of a sudden like big drops of rain He comes pouring down on you and all you have to do is "listen".

That is how I feel now. The Lord is quietly saying, just like those big drops of rain that make so much noise when they come down, that is how I want to be today. I want you to listen and know that I am there. Even when there is no sign, I just decide to pour down on you and all you have to do is just be there and soak it in.

Thank you Lord for being my daily rainfall!!


  1. My sweet friend ... I love it. Your blog, your style, your words, His heart. May He continue to drench you in HIs love, as the rain falls.

    Hugs for your night,
    Sarah Dawn


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