Our Daily Walk - Thursday April 30th 2009

Is the world really in crisis?? The economy is bad, virusses going around the world, should we be concerned that humanity is soon coming to an end? As I look at these questions I ask myself....Lord what is it that You are doing in this time? What should our response be?

I find myself taking care of my little family, my 6 and 4 year old and the little baby girl that we are expecting to receive into our family by July 2009. I am not almost 28 weeks pregnant and at least a minimum of 10 more weeks to go and I am feeling good. I feel safe, I feel without fear and I trust that the One we follow is in control over everything. I have to let go, I do what I can, I follow His guidance and then I let go.

I feel so at peace in the midst of crisis in the midst of having to take precaution (which I am), but I will not let anybody or anything take my peace that comes from above and lives within!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your lives and God's truth.

    With hugs,


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