Our Daily walk - July 24, 07

Well, our daily walk got greatly disturbed last Wednesday as Giacomo was in El Salvador teaching in a DTS with YWAM and Marjolein and a friend from the base were watching a move. Two armed men came into our aparment that Wednesday evening around 7:30pm and came to take away our laptop.

Praise the Lord the children were sleeping and didn't notice anything. The only things they took were the laptop computer and Marjolein's cell phone, no money, no passports, no bank cards. They truly came for the computer and they knew it was there. This was an inside job, since no doors or locks were forced to get in, they had a key.

So now we have another padlock on the main gate of the house and yet another key to our keychain, it just doesn't stop. Pray for angels around us and for God to guide us if we are to move out of this apartment to another house, which just isn't available right now, but God can release anything!!

Thank you for standing with us in this moment of battle!!! We are more than conquerers and hold the victory in our hands!!

Your friends, Giac and Mar


  1. Oh that is terrible news but I am so glad to hear you all are alright. Praise God the kids were asleep and you were unhurt Mar but I'm sure emotionally that's not the case. I'm so sorry. I let Jason and my family know so that you all will be in our prayers! Miss you all!


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