The Daily Walk no.2

Language choice
I guess it doesn't make any sense to me having been primarily raised on 1 main language, what my children are going through having to learn 3!!!

What goes through the brain when they hear their parents (us) speak all 3 languages at different times. I must be confusing. Well it is for me (Mar) at times. I get confused which one to use because I am not sure whether they understood what I said.

Today Gioela was on the phone with my father in the Netherlands and as I stepped away from the phone for just a moment, Gioela decided that she would tell grandpa that mommy couldn't come to the phone right now. First she starts her sentence in Spanish, but soon realizes that this is grandpa in the Netherlands and he doesn't speak Spanish, then she quickly switches to English, but realizes that perphaps he doesn't understand that either, but what now...she knows the Dutch is the other option but can not find the vocabulary needed to tell "opa" what she wants to she and I see the question on her face, why did I have to look for the right words??

Wow, what an interesting thing to watch as a parent. Gioela will be 5 years old in October and sometimes I wonder if she will ever truly speak Dutch (I hope so). I know she understands it fully and I think it is in there, but Spanish and English are more often spoken!! That is only understandable...we really do not have that much Dutch around on this side of the world...mommy is the Dutch world for Gioela and Luca....!!

So should I call it confusion, maybe not. I think it is more a trying to figure out which words to use when and I guess we all tend to have that challenge sometimes whether we speak 1 or 3 languages!!!


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