The Daily Walk no.1

Hi Friends,

As technology is advancing so are the different ways to publish writings on the internet. We know we have a website, but we figured, the more we explore through different "free" venues, the more people can find out what is happening in our daily lives here in Costa Rica.

So here it is, the Coghi Family blogspot!!! It is sort of fun to know that we can explore these ways to share with you as so many of you are daily surfing the world wide web....we thought we would give some more readings!!!

I have decided to call these writings the Daily Walk as this is where the Lord is taking us every day. A daily walk of trusting Him for our needs, wisdom, understanding, grace, patience and lots more. A daily walk to discover more of Him and walk in His ways. It doesn't seem to get easier, but it gets more enlightening!!! He is truly worth our time, our lives and our whole being!!!

So, enjoy these daily walks with us and we hope they will be of an encouragement to many!!! Your friends,
Giacomo, Marjolein, Gioela & Luca


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