Coffee with a Mission

Do you love to drink a freshly brewed, high quality cup of coffee and would also like to support our ministry? Then here is the way you can do that:
Follow this link: and read how Kafes Guatemala is coffee with a mission.
Our good friend Pablo Castaneda is from Guatemala and his family has been in the coffee industry for a long time. He has now started his own company is selling high quality coffee to all USA, Canada and Hawaii residents. But the coffee has a special purpose. First of all to give you a wonderful cup of fresh Guatemalan coffee and second to support missions around the world through your purchase.
So if you buy a few pounds of coffee through Kafes Guatemala you can fill out the online form and say that you would like that purchase to support Giacomo and Marjolein Coghi. You would have to fill out all of our information which would be as follows:
Giacom & Marjolein Coghi, working with Youth With A Mission, San Jose, Costa Rica. Postal address in the USA for the Coghi family: Interlink 828, P.O. box 02-5635, Miami, FL 33102
That is all you have to do and then just wait for your coffee to be delivered and enjoy that great cup while reading the book you bought through our website as well!!
Enjoy your cup of great coffee today!!! Thank you for considering!! Unique ways of supporting missions!!


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